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A Beginners Guide to Snorkelling Around Melbourne

A Beginners Guide to Snorkelling Around Melbourne

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Living in Melbourne you have the rare chance to explore a rich wonder-world of sea creatures at some of the most protected snorkelling sites on Earth. If you're new to snorkelling though, it can  be quite daunting, as there is a lot of complex and conflicting information online.  

This book is a guide for the beginner keen to discover snorkelling for themselves. It's also ideal for parents wanting to explore with children, to find the most sheltered places to swim. 

A Beginners Guide to Snorkelling Around Melbourne cuts through the complexity and treats the reader to the joy of snorkelling. It answers common questions, such as: What gear do I need? What are the right conditions? What can I see? And, where are the best places to go? There is even a checklist for wildlife you might see!

Written, illustrated and photos by Simon Mustoe. 

Dimensions 20 x 20 cm. Soft cover. 


Equipment & Techniques 1

   Staying warm in the water 1

   Mask, snorkel and fins 2

   Preparation, swimming and duck-diving 5

Top FIVE best places to go snorkelling 8

   Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary 9

   Jawbone Marine Sanctuary 10

   Blairgowrie Pier 12

   Portsea Pier 13

   Mushroom Reef Marine Sanctuary 15

   Giant Spider Crabs 16

THIRTY animals to look out for 17

   Wildlife Checklist 22

Wind and water quality 23

Other advice 24


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